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Kevin Tarn (Small Mountain Lake)

“Your enthusiasm and easy going nature put me at ease with great suggestions to build on my songs.”

“When you work with Dave you are getting an experienced musician, producer, engineer and masterer all in one.”

Sarah Stapleton

“Your solid production skills and incredible listening brought my vision to life with high quality and high efficiency.”

“You made recording my album a stress free experience.”

Having self recorded my first album in a very lo-fi manner, I wanted my follow-up to have proper production quality and also a wider variety of instruments on it. Having looked at various recording studios that would help me to achieve this, and finding many of which to be very expensive, I opted for working with David Banks at The Little Red Recording Studio as I was familiar with his work with The Whybirds, liked the look of his studio set up and it was actually affordable. 
I got in touch initially about recording a few tracks to see how they would sound and from the outset Dave was brilliant. He asked what direction I wanted the music to go in, chatted about the instruments we could add to the tracks and booked in a date for recording. 
The recording sessions went really well and Dave’s enthusiasm and easygoing nature really put me at ease. He offered great suggestions on how to build the songs into something bigger than the acoustic manner in which they were written and started adding instruments almost immediately. 
As he is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, he has a real ear for what might and might not work and added some absolutely stunning parts to my tracks. After hearing these on the initial three tracks, I then decided to record the entire album with Dave at the helm. 
Although it’s not yet released, the album sounds stunning and has been a real blast to make. When you work with Dave you are getting a session musician, producer, engineer and masterer all in one and I genuinely don’t believe you will find better value for the high quality of the recordings you will get. You won’t find a better guy to work with either and I will be recording my third album at The little Red Recording Studio for sure.

Kevin Tarn - Small Mountain Lake

“Dave’s enthusiasm and easygoing nature really put me at ease.”

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