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(Prices are basic starting points and all negotiable)

1. Hourly rate of £25 (Including editing time outside of recording session - within reason) Good for less intricate tracks, acoustic demos/session work, mixing, coming to work at the studio etc. 

2. Negotiable rate of £200 for a full composed, performed, mixed and mastered multi instrument radio ready song.  (Depending on the intricacy of the track).  Cover/original.  Includes 1 hour of recording time per song at the studio if necessary.


£500 for 3 songs deal. 


£1500 advanced discounted payment for 10 track album. 

(£20 extra per minute per tracks over 5 mins) 

All first payments come with 10% off.

10% discount for your next payment for a  booked recommendation. 

PRICES: Opening Hours
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