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My aim is to provide an enjoyable, affordable recording experience for absolutely anyone.

If you have a whole album of songs ready, if you want to record yourself an acoustic demo, or you have some great musical ideas but need some guidance, I can help. 

Maybe you’re a singer who would like to record your favourite song and gift it to someone, or you’ve written a song or two and you’d like to embellish them with various instruments. You may be a budding guitarist who’d love to hear yourself rocking your favourite guitar solo, or the parent of a Grade 8 musical genius who has no record of all the amazing pieces they can play. 

I’m looking for serious musicians, as well as people who would never have dreamt they could record something of their own.  

High tech recording studios are often upwards of £250 a day, and though my set up is small, we can still produce great sounds to suit many genres of music, at a more affordable price.  

I have many years of experience writing, recording and performing in the music industry. Music is my passion, I would like to share it with you, and would love to be part of your musical dreams. 

Please feel free to DM, call, or email for further information and to chat about your ideas and prices.

I look forward to making music with you!


Studio Services

Music Recording and Production



Multi-instrument session work


Remote recording

Track creation from your ideas, lyrics and melodies 

Voice recording (podcasts/interviews etc)

Record without leaving the house!  (send me your vocal tracks and I can do the rest) 

All ages and abilities welcome

Pay by the hour or pay by the track

Great Prices! 



Hi I’m Dave, producer here at LRRS.  I have been writing, recording and making music most of my life as a solo artist and with critically acclaimed Americana favourites The Whybirds.  

After many years of experience in the music business I opened up my humble recording set up and it’s been growing ever since. 

Larger studios can be daunting and sometimes unnecessary for your needs.  With The Little Red Recording studio you get a more personal, bespoke experience tailored to your songs.  Rather than just an engineer hitting record, you’ll receive dedicated care and attention to get the best out of your tracks.  

You’ll have your pick of equipment — everything from microphones to electronic mixing consoles. Contact us to set up a time for your Recording session today! Or to chat about remote recording from anywhere in the world!  The smallest ideas can become the biggest sounds.


Create and capture your next sounds with the latest recording technologies at The Little Red Recording Studio. Mixing is a key part of the recording process to maximise the sounds you’ve created.  Send me your recordings and let me turn them into huge sounds. 


Mastering is the last step in the recording process. Let us add the final touches to take your mixes to them to next level. 

Maximise Your Songs

Send us in your demos/phone recordings and let us do the rest....


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